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Students: Daniel Paans | Jonas van der Schaaf | Ise Kooij | Robert Westerveld

In Ovo’s Egg Sealer

A Solution to Improve Glueing Solution in Commercial Hatcheries

In Ovo, a pioneering company in in-ovo gender determination, has developed a technology aimed at enhancing the glueing solution within the ELLA machine used in commercial hatcheries. The Egg Sealer is a product designed to effectively seal small holes within eggshells of fertilized eggs, thereby minimizing the need for manual sealing after the sampling process is completed by the machine.

In pursuit of its mission to enhance animal welfare in the poultry industry, In Ovo has faced challenges in sealing holes created during the egg sampling process. Currently, post-sampling, eggs require hot glue application, negatively impacting egg handling. Syringes break on the glue, and the eggs are unmanageable with industry-standard suction cups.

In Ovo’s Egg Sealer offers a solution to enhance the glueing process in commercial hatcheries. By promptly sealing small holes within fertilized eggs, the Egg Sealer diminishes the reliance on manual sealing, ensuring that the holes are closed immediately after sampling, minimizing disturbance to the embryos.

“We are thrilled to introduce this innovative solution to our machine” states Rob van Hemert, spokesperson for In Ovo. “The Egg Sealer marks a significant advancement for the ELLA machine, and we take pride in leading transformative change.”

Getting started with the Egg Sealer is straightforward. Place the eggs in the designated area, and let the product handle the rest. Experience the simplicity and effectiveness firsthand!

“I am eager to explore their new machine with this solution because the current method hinders the use of our suction cups, which we would like to retain,” expresses Het Anker, a satisfied customer of the Ella machine.

In conclusion, the Egg Sealer is a crucial enhancement for the Ella machine. It not only improves egg handling but also holds the potential to enhance overall hatchability.