Automated Welding Robot


Grimbergen is a company specializing in innovative custom machine engineering and production systems across various industries. In the realm of machine construction, Robotics and Vision play a significant role. Grimbergen is pleased to introduce an enhanced automated welding robot that offers expanded capabilities. With this innovative solution, the company now has the ability to automate the welding of materials based on provided coordinates.

Current Situation

Grimbergen Industrial Systems has decided to further advance in the realm of Robotics and Industrial Automation. The project “Automated Welding Robot” has been developed by Grimbergen to address the shortage of qualified welders. The robot is capable of performing welding tasks in an automated manner through coordinates. The developed welding robot provides a higher level of automated welding, helping to meet the demand in the industry while ensuring precision and efficiency.


The problem

In a previous phase, Grimbergen successfully developed an automated welding robot. In the first development phase, Grimbergen focused on control via a UI, and now we have fully authorized coordinates from an overarching software package.. The three issues arising during the welding process include the comparison between the CAD model and the real-life model, the integration of welding coordinates provided by an external company, and the dynamic welding capability (adjustment with control technology). The newly developed welding robot presents solutions to address the challenges faced by the company.

The solution


Multiple pictures are made of the object and then merged together. This is needed because this will let the robot know where to weld. This process was previously done with a remote server but now it runs locally.


To address this need of grimbergen we made it possible to compare a merged image of the object to the CAD model of that same object. This is to check if the robot would weld on the right line instead of somewhere else.


This where we get our information from. The CAD model will be changed to a processing plan. That way we can use it in our software.


The GUI is changed and is now capable. To show every image we create during the process. Furthermore if the customer isn’t satisfied with the merged image the software can startover.