In short

We're an elite minor programme for ambitious students who want to help out ambitious companies with robotics, machine vision and machine learning.
  • 25 extremely motivated students from all technical disciplines
  • 6 projects from industry involving robotics and vision
  • 30 ECTS points – one semester
  • 2 starting moments – in September and February

Studying at our Delft campus.

What skillset will you acquire

We'll help you get awesomely skilled with robots, vision and machine learning.

Industrial robot programming

Program one of our six Universal and Kawasaki robots and put them into your customer’s production line. The client company may require you use their own robot, oftentimes an ABB, Kuka or Fanuc robot.

Machine vision programming

Program our Cognex 2D cameras, Halcon machine vision software and Sick 3D laser sensors. You’re free to use any other technology you or the client company wants, as long as it helps you solve your problems. OpenCV is a popular free choice.

Machine learning techniques

We’ll help you employ machine learning algorithms to automate production decisions, depending on the requirements of your project and your own desires.

Industry-grade smart manufacturing skills

Your group will be assigned one or more highly skilled mentors with real-life industry experience.

What you will do from day-to-day

Your project group will get its own robot and project space in our lab.

You will be part of a project group of approximately four students.

Some of them will be from another technical discipline, another university or another country. There will be five more project groups in your semester.

You’ll be working on an actual company project.

We only do company projects. We will help you find companies who want to work with your project group, so don’t worry if you can’t find a good project yourself.

Our robot lab will feel like your home.

You’ll be spending so much time in our lab, that it will start feeling like your lab.

Borrel regularly.

To make sure you really feel part of a the SMR family we regularly organize after-work get togethers with food and drinks. In the best Dutch tradition it’s called a ‘borrel‘.

Collaborate a lot.

There are so many new technologies to master – we always make sure we have all the latest equipment – that some of you will specialize and provide their skills to other groups.

The focus is on the project.

Subjects are only there to help you master the skills you need to finish your projects. It’s extremely project oriented, so there are no b*llshit lectures that make you want to sleep.

How can you participate?

We accept the most ambitious technical students from all over Europe.

Please scroll to your situation below.

I’m from The Hague University of Applied Sciences

If you’re a student at The Hague University of Applied Sciences you can join us through the following procedure:

  1. Log in to OSIRIS
  2. Go to the page where you can search for a course
  3. Make sure that you search in the following manner:
    • Cursuscode/naam: SMR
    • Toon: Alle cursussen
    • Cursustype: Minor

Enroll in the minor!

Are you unable to enroll through OSIRIS? We may be full, but you can't be certain. Contact us using the form at the bottom of this page. There may still be a spot for you!

I’m from another Dutch university or hogeschool

Open the following pages, and enroll in the programme:

Kies op Maat – Smart Manufacturing & Robotics

Are you unable to enroll through 'Kies op Maat'? Contact us using the form at the bottom of this page. There's probably still a spot for you!

I’m from a European Project Semester (EPS) institution

In many cases you will be able to join our program without paying a tuition fee. Please contact us through the form at the bottom of this page and we'll help you enroll manually.

I want to enroll! Please tell me my options.

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